Extension Care Guide

What should I do before my extensions are fitted?

The night before or morning of fitting, hair must be washed twice avoiding conditioner as this could cause the extensions to slip. Dry and style your hair  how you wear it naturally, avoiding any styling products, hair is not to be straightened before attending appointment. Any colouring or perm services should be carried out at least 2-4 days prior to the extension service.


Will the extensions damage my hair

Hair extensions will not damage your hair when fitted and removed by a qualified extensionist, It is very important that you follow the aftercare advice given during the appointment and also return back to the extensionist to remove them to avoid any unnecessary damage.

How long does my hair need to be to have hair extensions?

Your hair will need to be around 4 inches in order for your own hair to support the weight of the new hair. The length and amount of hair that can be fitted will be based on your own hair, its condition and also length. All this is discussed at consultation.


What can I expect from my new extensions?

As your scalp adjusts to the new weight of the hair extensions, it is normal for them to feel a little heavy and uncomfortable for the first day or two, most people notice this during bedtime, this will wear off after a few days. It is sometimes the case that you may lose a few extensions, any extensions lost during the first 2 weeks will be reapplied free of charge, after that time you can book in for a maintenance appointment and they  can be refitted for you at an hourly rate. 

Aftercare procedures

Do not shampoo you hair for 48 hours after your extension have been applied, as this allows the bonds to set.

Use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner to prolong the life and appearance of your hair extensions, Great lengths have their own range of products for their hair extensions.

Taking a little extra care when shampooing.When washing always do this in the shower so the shampoo can rinse down the hair shaft and no extra weight is placed on the scalp, this will also prevent tangles and matting, extension hair does not need to be shampoo'd in the same way our natural hair does, shampoo your scalp and leave the lather flow down the extensions, this is ample cleansing they do not need to be scrubbed with shampoo.

Condition and detangle mid-lengths and ends of the hair only, do not apply conditioner to the bond area as this may cause them to slip. 

Always dry your hair thoroughly, starting with the bond,  as it is at its most vunerable when wet.

Do not towel dry your hair with a scrubbing motion, instead use a blotting motion.

Your hair extenions may take longer to dry, when blow drying use a mild heat and dry in sections.

Any styling products are to be applied to mid-lengths and ends only, avoiding bond area..

straighteners and heated tools can be used, however they must be kept away from the bonds..

A professional hair extension brush is to be used on the extensions, this allows you to brush right through including the bonds area, this brush has soft bristles and will prevent tangles and matting. full aftercare advice and demonstation is given at the fitting.

On a regular basis, seperate the bonds with your finger to prevent matting, do not comb between the scalp and bonds, use you extension brush gently to do this.

Hair is to be tied in a loose ponytail or plait for bed to prevent tangling while sleeping, this is also the case when participating in sporting activities.

Whilst swimming is possible, in some cases due to the chemicals used in the water you may epxerience some breakage of the bonds and colour alteration could also occur, it is therefore necessary to rinse your hair thoroughly and dry the root as soon as possible to extend the life of your bond.

Any activity carried out reguarly such as gym/ aerobics/ steam room/ sauna etc may result in the life span of the bonds being affected due to the bond being in a constant damp environment.

The hair extensions are human hair so you can colour it (darker) this is at your own risk though, hair is matched at consultation so should not need to be coloured unless you are changing colour. The hair extensions are not to be lightened and if you do it is at your own risk.

Hair extensions should be removed after 3-4 months by extensionist to prevent damage to your own hair.


Can the hair be re-used?

Great Lengths hair can be rebonded and refitted as can Balmain.


*Extensions behave as your own natural hair, natural hair loss is normal and to be expected. average loss of your own hair is approximately 50-150 hairs per day.  A full head of extensions will cover approximately a third of your natural hair and therefore it is normal that approximately 50 hairs per day remain trapped in the extensions. Allow for a percentage fo extension loss during the course of 3-4 month.  The life of your extensions will be greatly deminished if you do not follow these guidelines and have regular check ups.


If you have any queries, or problems or just need advice, I am contactable anytime via phone/txt/email and facebook


A maintenance appointment involves, checking your hair extensions, re-fitting any that you have brought back with you that have previously come out, checking for any loose extensions, removing those and re-fitting them. if you would like a cut of the extensions this is also included. Maintenance is charged hourly at £50, this is usually done within the hour.

Maintenance 1 hour £50