indian remi hair 18"

great lengths

Great lengths extensions

great lengths

great lengths extensions

Fern with 20" fill in extensions

Great lengths

Hair Extensions

At Movida we supply and fit individual extensions and offer the most natural looking methods- micro fusion bonding, Micro ring, Nano ring, Micro loc weft and LA weave.

Hair extensions are not just for length, they can be used to create more volume, add flashes of colour or even highlights. The options are endless.

If you are looking for the cheapest option you have come to the wrong place. I only use quality hair and feel it is better to go for quality over price when its comes to extensions.

All prices include a free consultation, Hair of the finest qulaity, Fitting, cutting, styling and aftercare advice.

We offer you the choice of Great Lengths, Fabulong, NewU, Beauty works, Balmain, European hair, Russian hair and indian remi.

Micro-Fusion Bonding

Fusion bonding is a long-lasting method that won't cause damage to your natural hair. The bonding resin that we use is made from Keratin, a natural protein that wont break the hair shaft. it is gentle to your hair and easily removable unlike lots of other types of adhesives which tend to be silicone based.

The micro fusion method will give you tiny bonds.

Guide to amount needed

50 strands- quarter head

100 strands- half head

150 strands- full head

200 strands- full head for thick hair

250 strands- full head for very thick hair

Indian remi hair extensions

Indian remi hair extensions, suitable for those on a lower budget

Double drawn 1g strands half head 18" 100pcs £225
Double drawn 1g strands 120 pcs £270
Double drawn 1g strands 140 pcs £315
Double drawn 1g strands 160pcs £360
Double drawn 1g strands 180 pcs £405
Double drawn 1g strands 200pcs £450
Double drawn 1g strands 220pcs £495
Double drawn 1g strands 240pcs £540
Removal £30 per hour

Deluxe double drawn Remi Range

1g Per strand double drawn Remi, deluxe range 20"

100pcs £260
125pcs £325
150pcs £390
175pcs £455
200pcs £520
220pcs £585

Beauty Works hair extensions

a well established hair extension brand, popular with celebrities and hairdressers alike, Beauty Works hair extensions are a great choice, with exceptional quality and the finest selections of human hair. 


Made from 100% premium remi human hair, double drawn grade AAAA, highest quality keratin tip.  

Half head 18" 100pcs £250
Full Head 18" 150pcs £355
Full head 18" 200pcs £460
Half head 20" 100pcs £260
Full head 20" 150pcs £375
Full head 20" 200pcs £500
18" Balayage bond by Jack Howard 100pcs £295
18” Balayage bond by Jack Howard 150pcs £440
18" Balayage bond by Jack Howard 200pcs £585
20" Balayage bond by Jack Howard 100pcs £300
20" Balayage bond by Jack Howard 150pcs £450
20" Balayage bond by Jack Howard 200pcs £600
Removal £35 per hour

Elegance range

This is a high quality double drawn remi range in russian/mongolian mix Only 

Half head 16" 100pcs £250
Full head 16" 150pcs £365
Full head (thick hair) 16" 200pcs £460
Half head 20" 100pcs £270
Full head 20" 150pcs £405
Full head (thick hair) 20" 200pcs £500
Half head 24" 100pcs £310
Full head 24" 150pcs £465
Full head 24" 200pcs £580
Removal £35 per hour